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Hookuaaina, a non-profit nestled in the ahupuaa of Kailua, provides programs for the community and empowers challenged youth to realize the meaning and purpose of their lives by helping them develop life strategies and skills through the cultivation of kalo and Hawaiian values-based coaching. Kalo, A highly nutritious staple food that is considered sacred by Hawaiians, was arguably the foundation of Hawaiian society and enabled a culture isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to thrive. Maunawili valley was once considered the breadbasket of the whole Koolaupoko region. Hookuaaina seeks to restore a part of the traditional agriculture system within the ahupuaa of Kailua. Now with 19 kalo patches in organic production, Hookuaaina is bringing this nutritious resource back to the community through freshly harvested raw kalo and biweekly poi production.

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