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Citrus junos, more widely known as Yuzu, like oranges, lemon, limes, and grapefruit, is a citrus plant and fruit that belongs to the Rutaceae botanical family. This small tree or shrub has long thorns, can grow to a height of 6 feet and can withstand cold temperatures. The fruit is small, measuring 2-3 inches (5.5-7.5 cm) in diameter. It has thick yellow skin and is significantly more fragrant and acidic than other citrus fruits. Its fruit is native to China but is widely farmed and consumed in Korea and Japan, where the rind zest and juice are used to add flavor to sauces and toppings.


Yuzu can be easily incorporated into your diet. It isnt usually eaten on its own due to its sourness. You can, however, enjoy it in a variety of ways. The yuzu fruit is used to make yuzu tea, marmalade, and baked items such as Asian cakes and pies. To enhance flavor, the rind is sometimes added to noodle meals, seafood preparations, and sauces. It is also a common ingredient in Asian vinegar and seasonings. Finally, its oil is also used to make essential oils that can be diffused, added to a warm bath, or blended with lotion and massaged on the skin.

Health Benefits

Yuzu is high in nutritional value and has low calories. It contains several vitamins and minerals that are essential in keeping the body healthy, like vitamins A, C, B6, and B5. Its smell is known to have a therapeutic effect that can enhance your mood and can help relieve stress. Its also packed with antioxidants, a compound that helps neutralize the damaging free radicals that can cause inflammation and chronic diseases and it has anticoagulant properties, meaning it can lower the risk of blood clotting.

Food Value per 100g*

The nutritional information provided, such as % meal value and PFC balancing scales, is based on an 1800 calorie diet and daily dietary requirements for women between the ages 18 or 29, weighing roughly 112 pounds.

Calories 21

Protein 0.5g

Fat 0.1g

Carbohydrates 7g

Vitamin A Retinol Equivalent 1

Vitamin A Alpha Tocopherol 0.2mg

Vitamin B1 0.05mg

Vitamin B2 0.02mg

Niacin 0.2mg

Vitamin B6 0.2mg

Folate 11

Pantothenic Acid 0.29mg

Vitamin C 40mg

Sodium 1mg

Potassium 210mg

Calcium 20mg

Magnesium 11mg

Phosphorus 11mg

Iron 0.1mg

Zinc 0.1mg

Copper 0.2mg

Manganese 0.1mg

Fiber 0.4g

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