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Brussels sprouts

Brussel Sprouts is a superfood. With low calories and a large amount of nutrients and antioxidants, Brussel Sprouts supports our health in many ways.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Brussel Sprouts contain a high amount of antioxidants which prevent carcinogens from growing in our body. That bitter flavor in Brussel Sprouts is the taste of sulforaphane. This compound has been extracted in various studies and given to patients to reduce or even prevent cancer cells from growing.

Promote Bone Health

Our body consists of a log of calcium (our bones and teeth). We need vitamin c to product collagen in order to make use of the calcium in our system. Brussel Sprouts contains both calcium and vitamin C in high amounts.

Promote Healthy Immune System and Skin

Vitamin C and antioxidants provide our immune system with the tools that it needs to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease. This duo also help our skin stay tight and to keep its glow.

Where can i buy Brussels sprouts?  Find out which local farmer has Brussels sprouts

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