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The shallot (Allium cepa) is a type of onion that belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family of plants. Shallots have long been utilized in Indian, Asian, French, and Mediterranean cookery for their nutritional and fragrant characteristics. They are high in antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and certain vital minerals and they are great for adding a sweet and spicy flavor to various recipes.


Shallots have six different types which include the following:

  1. Banana shallots are the most common type. They have tan-colored skin with a smooth texture and they have a moderate flavor.
  2. Brown shallots (sometimes known as English or Dutch shallots) are the most widely available worldwide. They're small, light brown, and have a mild flavor.
  3. Asian shallots are smaller than other shallots and have a dark purple color. It is sweeter and milder in flavor compared to a yellow or white onion. 
  4. Pink onions have a crisp texture and pink skin. These are sometimes known as "Jersey shallots" or "fake shallots." Their flesh is normally white to light purple, and their skin is pinkish-orange. This has a pretty strong flavor.
  5. The pear-shaped French grey shallots, commonly known as griselles (grey), is a type of shallot that has a mild flavor.

Health benefits

Rich in antioxidants

They are known to have more flavonoid and phenol antioxidants than most other members of the onion family, although being used less frequently in recipes. As a result, they are one of the most effective anti-inflammatory meals for lowering free radical damage and combating a variety of chronic conditions.

Contains anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties

Shallots produce biochemical reactions that fight infections, viruses, and inflammation. The antioxidant enzymes in shallots also aid in fighting against both common and more dangerous infections.

Promotes heart health 

Many antioxidants found in onions, such as allicin and quercetin, are anti-hypertensive. Allicin has been found to protect the cardiovascular system by increasing antioxidant status and decreasing reactive oxygen species levels. Allicin chemicals have the ability to block a specific reductase enzyme that is produced in the liver and is responsible for the production of cholesterol. They enhance circulation and widen blood vessels, making them an effective natural treatment for high blood pressure.

May help prevent weight gain

EEOs (ethyl acetate extracts) found in shallots have been shown in several trials to help prevent obesity by suppressing lipid (fat) formation. Because obesity is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer development (obese individuals are thought to have a higher chance of acquiring numerous malignancies and other chronic diseases), onions could be beneficial in avoiding both weight gain and obesity-related complications.

Aids in controlling blood sugar levels 

Onions are recognized to be natural anti-diabetics since numerous studies have demonstrated that they have good effects on insulin and may also aid in weight loss control. Because they have hypoglycemic-preventing actions that increase insulin secretions, shallots are regarded to be a part of a diet that helps naturally treat diabetes. This helps to reduce inflammatory reactions linked to diabetes and other autoimmune illnesses.

Nutrition Facts

One ounce of raw shallots contain:

20.2 calories

4.7 g carbohydrates

0.7 g protein

333 international units vitamin A (7% DV)

0.1 mg vitamin B6 (5% DV)

2.2 mg vitamin C (4% DV)

0.1 mg manganese (4% DV)

93.5 mg potassium (3% DV)

9.5 μg folate (2% DV)

0.3 mg iron (2% DV)

16.8 mg phosphorus (2%DV)

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