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Cherimoya (Annona cherimola) or Custard Apple is a delicious creamy custard like fruit. Cherimoya also has a load of heath benefits like boosting the immune system, fighting inflammation, being anti-carcinogenic, improving your mood, or just helping to ease the digestion process.

A great source of antioxidants

Antioxidants in this wonder fruit come in the form of kaurenoic acid, flavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamin C. Antioxidants fight free radicals in your body. High levels of free radicals can lead to chronic illnesses like heart disease and cancer. It should be safe to say that we could all use some antioxidants in our diets.

Boost the immune system to overdrive

Vitiman C is found in high levels in cherimoya. Vitamin C helps to boost our immune system and fighting disease and infection in our bodies. Vitamin C has been proven to reduce your downtime from a cold and even lower your risk of infections. Eating cherimoya is a great way to keep your immune system running healthy.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the basis of all pain in the body. Chronic, or prolonged inflammation is one of the symptoms, if not causes, of serious illness such as cancer and heart disease. Kaurenoic acid found in cherimoya is a strong anti-inflammatory compound that has been proven in several studies. Some of the antioxidants found in cherimoya are also responsible for this same anti-inflammation affect.

Anticancer properties are a must these days

Let's face it, cancer is everywhere these days. The rates of cancer continue to rise and we don't seem to be addressing the cause any of the issues, rather just bandaging them. At least we can eat our medicine in the form of food. Flavonoids such as catechin, epicatechin, and epigallocatechin are found in cherimoya. These flavonoids have been proven to cure the growth of breast cancer cells in test tube studies conducted by Michigan State University. Yes 100% removal of the cancer cell. These flavonoids also reduce the risk of developing certain cancers.

Helps to keep your blood pressure under control

Cherimoya contains high amounts of potassium and magnesium. These nutrient promote the dilation of blood vessels helping to lower our blood pressure. Constricted blood vessels lead to high blood pressure which are a prerequisite for heart disease and strokes.

Improve and maintain your eye health

Carotenoids, also found in carrots, are found in cherimoya. this antioxidant is great for our eyes and skin health. This antioxidant also help to keep cataracts from clouding our vision.

Improve your mood

Don't tell me how to act! Oh, sorry, my vitamin B6 is getting low. Yes, vitamin B6 is one of the many tricks up cherimoya's sleeve. This vitamin is crucial for maintaining our neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals have direct impact on our mood.

Healthy digestions lead to a healthy.. morning

I don't know about you but i like my mornings to go rather smoothly. Keeping a good bit of fiber in your diet is a good way to regulate your bowel movements. Good, soluble fiber is a food source for your gut bacteria. These also help to bread down and while fermenting produce short-chain fatty acids. Let's just say we should all be thankful for a healthy digestive system.

Nutritional data

Here is some of the nutritional breakdown. I always find this part of interest.

See the table below for in depth analysis of nutrients:

Cherimoya fruit (Annona cherimola), Fresh, Nutritive value per 100 g,

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)
PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Energy75 Kcal4%
Carbohydrates17.71 g13.5%
Protein1.57 g3%
Total Fat0.68 g3%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber3 g8%
Folates23 µg6%
Niacin0.644 mg4%
Pantothenic acid0.345 mg7%
Pyridoxine0.257 mg20%
Riboflavin0.131 mg10%
Thiamin0.101 mg8%
Vitamin A5 IU<1%
Vitamin C12.6 mg21%
Vitamin E0.27 mg2%
Sodium7 mg0.5%
Potassium287 mg6%
Calcium10 mg1%
Copper0.069 mg8%
Iron0.27 mg3%
Magnesium17 mg4%
Manganese0.093 mg4%
Phosphorus26 mg4%
Zinc0.16 mg1%
Carotene-ß2 µg--
Cryptoxanthin-ß1 µg--
Lutein-zeaxanthin6 µg--

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