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Star Apple

Star Apple is widely acknowledged because of its unique and intriguing characteristics, especially in tropical countries such as Hawaii, Africa, Philippines, and more. It has a sweet and savory taste, indeed perfect for the hot weather! Not only that, the fruit also contains medicinal properties which are useful for health and wellness purposes.

Scientifically called Chrysophyllum Cainito, the star apple is an exotic fruit that comes from the family of Sapotaceae. It originated from the Caribbean Islands. The fruit was named Star Apple because of its cores shape, which resembles a star and an apple combined. The fruit is popular for its role in making chewing gums, edible flowers, gutta-percha, oilseeds and timber.

The fruits skin texture is either smooth or leather-like, depending on its variety and age. The skin surrounds a creamy, milky and soft pulp. Star Apple contains anywhere between three to eleven seeds. Thus, those with less seeds seem to have the best taste. The meat of the fruit is aromatic and has a tropical sweet flavor that is slightly similar with an apple, persimmon and lychee. Full grown Star Apples are slightly wrinkled and dull in color with a soft touch when pressed.

Classification of Star Apple

  1. Purple star apple: The first type of star apple is purple in color that has a normal dark shade inside. It is thick-rinned, attached to a skin.
  2. Green star apple: The second type of star apple is green in color with a milky white flesh. Its skin is thinner than the other, attached to a rind.

Medicinal Values

Star Apple is not just delicious, it is incredibly nutritious too. It also serves as a natural alternative in addressing several health issues in the body such as:

  • Controls Diabetes - The fiber present in the fruit is useful in controlling sugar levels. Thus, it can be the perfect food for people who have diabetes. It also contains antioxidants that protects the body from major diseases.
  • Prevents Anemia - Anemia usually has symptoms like shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, dizziness, headache and sudden loss of appetite. However, this illness can be prevented and corrected by consuming foods rich in iron like star apples.
  • Can be used as Medicinal Drugs - The seeds, fruits and leaves are beneficial and helpful in treating various health issues. The cooking of the leaves or bark is helpful in treating dysentery and diarrhea. The shell is useful in treating malaria and yellow fever. The leaves are used in treating rashes, stomach pain and diarrhea. The seeds are also beneficial in preparing ointments for virginals and skin infections.
  • Good Digestion - The active fiber content found in the fruit plays a big role in keeping the digestive system healthy and happy. It also prevents constipation and other digestive issues. Thus, it normalizes your bowel movements as well as preventing colon cancer.
  • Boosts Immune System - Essential vitamins and minerals present in the fruit such as vitamin C and carotene helps in producing collagen that stimulates the immune system.

Health Benefits

  • Nutritional Value

Serving Size: 100 G


Value & DV%


67.2 kcal


82 gr


67.2 kcal


1.52 gr 3%


14.65 gr 11.27%

Dietary fiber

1.92 gr 5.05%

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin B1

0.049 mg 4.08%

Vitamin B2

0.038 mg 2.92%

Vitamin B3

1.137 mg 7.11%

Vitamin C

9.1 mg 10.11%


12.35 mg 1.24%


0.49 mg 6.13%


18.95 mg 2.71%

  • Bones - Phosphorus and calcium are two very important components essential for the development of robust bones and teeth. The star apple is a good source of calcium and phosphorus, which is why it is considered by many a fruit bone.
  • Low in Calories - Star apple has calories that are respectively low in amount, making it a healthy snack. Instead of craving over foods whose nutrients and benefits are unhealthy, munching over star apples is the better choice.
  • Remedy for Cough - this amazing fruit is well-known for its ability to act as natural treatment for coughs, making it the most delicious way to deal with your condition. However, the effect varies from person to person.
  • Act as Anti-Aging - Indeed, you cannot turn back the time and stay young forever, but at least you could slow down the aging process by consuming foods which contain high antioxidants. Star apple is highly recommended because it is rich in antioxidants which promotes the regeneration of new cells to replace the old ones.


  1. Food Allergy: If you are consuming star apple for the first time, you should be aware of the possibility of any allergic reaction especially if you have a history of being allergic to certain fruits.
  2. Toxic: The seeds and leaves contain beneficial properties that are widely used traditionally as a solution for mild illnesses. However, you have to make sure to consume it in a proper amount because both seeds and leaves contain toxins that could be harmful or even deadly if consumed in high dosage.
  3. Doctors Approval: If you are in a certain health condition with specific medicines to consume regularly, adding star apple as part of traditional medicine should be based on your doctors approval.

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