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Lychee in Hawaii

Lychee is one of my favorite fruit trees that grow in Hawaii. I have early memories of climbing my grandfather's lychee tree. Perched in its massive branches, I would pick and eat lychee to my hearts content. If you haven't had fresh lychee directly off of a tree, then you haven't truly tasted this fruit in all it's glory.

Litchi chinensis

Litchi chinensis is in the soapberry family known as Sapindaceae. Lychee originated in China and was imported to Hawaii in 1873.

When is lychee season in Hawaii?

Lychee season in Hawaii is between May and August. If you want lychee, the best time of year is around late June to July.

What 5 varieties of lychee fuit trees grow in Hawaii?

Here are is a list of the 5 types of lychee trees that grow in Hawaii there fruiting season and there origins:

  • Hak ip (mid season): China

  • Souey Tung ( mid season): China

  • Tai Tso (early to mid season): China

  • Brewster ( mid season): China

  • Bosworth 3 (late season): Australia

  • Groff (late season): Hawaii

  • Kaimana (early to mid season): Hawaii

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Weekly Market Updates Every Monday. Retirement Investing Simplified. Gain the Market Edge.

Retirement Investing Simplified. Gain the Market Edge. Weekly Market Updates Every Monday.

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